This package targets ROS2 Foxy onwards. It won’t compile on all ROS1 and older ROS2 distros.

To install the packages, do one of the following:

Binary Installation

Binary installation is available for all active distros.

Source your ROS installation, then run:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ros-${ROS_DISTRO}-r2r-spl-7

The most recent version of the SPL Standard Message is version 7, as defined in the SPL rulebook. If you intend on using an older SPL Standard Message format, replace 7 with the version you want to use. Currently the only available version is 7. In the future, packages will be added to all available distros to cover future competitions.

If this method does not work for your platform, perform the Source Installation instead.

Source Installation

Cloning repositories

Source your ROS2 installation, then in your ROS2 workspace, run:

git clone src/r2r_spl --branch ${ROS_DISTRO}


In your ROS2 workspace, install the dependencies:

rosdep install --from-paths src -i

Build the package:

colcon build